B-Control user files

Here "trusted" users can upload files related to the BCF2000 and BCR2000, and anyone can download these files.
(To become a "trusted" user, all you have to do is wait a while after your registration: when I'm satisfied that you're not a bot or otherwise evil, I will make you a trusted user. This should usually occur within a day after registration. If you still can't upload files after about three days, you can drop me a message via the contact form to convince me you're not a bot.)

The DAWs folder contains presets for managing DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).

The Devices folder contains subfolders for manufacturers (Roland, Yamaha etc.), and these in turn contain a subfolder for each specific device (synth etc.).

The Drivers folder contains several Windows USB drivers for the BCF2000 and BCR2000.
For discussion, see the "Windows USB drivers for BCF2000/BCR2000" document (available from the BCF2000/BCR2000 page), or the BC Manager manual, section 4 ("BCF2000/BCR2000 setup"), points 4 and 5.

The Factory presets folder contains the factory presets of the BCF2000 and BCR2000.

The Firmware folder contains BCF2000 and BCR2000 firmware versions 1.07 and 1.10.
For discussion, see the BC Manager manual, section 10 ("The B-Controls window"), under MIDI -> Maintenance -> Send firmware.

See this topic in the B-Control forum for further discussion of the B-Control user file section.

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alt textChannel Strip 3 20160918.bcrFri, 2021-09-17 00:15227.35 KBSat, 2016-09-24 23:00application/octet-streamI created this to use the BCR2000 as a channel strip in Reaper. The idea being that I could have my key controls (EQ, Compressor, transport and a couple of other things) to hand without having to keep jumping the mouse around. I've never liked mouses.
Because Reaper doesn't do MIDI send I've had to create a separate preset for each track, that way the BCR remembers the midi data. I have a template session with 32 tracks and it's set up so that when you select a track (using the preset buttons), the FX window opens on the EQ screen and the compressor settings can be seen on the track panel.
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