The table below specifies the more or less concrete short-to-mid-term plans.
Needless to say, all these plans are heavily subject to change.

Target date Application Version Editions Features
2021 MIDI Tools
A-880 Manager
BC Manager
FCB1010 Manager
misc. Linux  
2021 MIDI Tools 2.3.0 All MIDI keyboard: trigger notes via computer keyboard
2021 all misc. Windows/Linux SysEx messages via MIDI Thru
2021 BC Manager 6.0.0 All BCL bypass

At the moment no application has a Linux edition.
However, the only remaining stumbling-block is the lack of low-level MIDI I/O handling.
Once this is implemented, creating Linux editions should be easy, particularly for the four applications already having macOS editions, since the source code of these macOS editions can be used for Linux almost verbatim.

Four applications are available in editions for Intel-based macOS. However, due to lack of funding and time these applications will not be ported to the new ARM-based ("Silicon") versions of macOS, so you'll have to use Rosetta 2 to run the Intel-based editions on ARM-based machines.

Nearly all applications are available on Windows as dual 32/64-bit installers (which automatically install the edition matching the operating system) and as 32- and 64-bit portable editions.
The exception is the Delta Framework application, which will remain available only as a 32-bit installer until further notice.
The Delta Framework application is behind the times in several other respects as well, such as:

  • MIDI I/O handling.
  • It is '', thus links to the old Mountain Utilities web site.
  • It doesn't provide advanced setup/desktop management yet.
  • It doesn't come with a manual.

The table below specifies the availability of Intel-based macOS editions and Linux editions:

Application Intel-based macOS Linux
A-880 Manager Available 2021?
BC Manager Available 2021?
BCN44 Manager No plans Maybe
CSV Doctor No plans 2021?
D-5 Manager No plans Maybe
Delta Framework No plans No plans
FCB1010 Manager Available 2021?
GS-10 Manager No plans Maybe
GT-3 Manager No plans No plans
MIDI Tools Available 2021?
ProMix 01 Manager No plans No plans
R-8 Manager No plans Maybe
XG Manager No plans No plans