The table below specifies the more or less concrete short-to-mid-term plans.
Needless to say, all these plans are heavily subject to change.

Target date Application Version Editions Features
2024 MIDI Tools 2.3.0 All MIDI keyboard: trigger notes via computer keyboard
2024 MIDI Tools
A-880 Manager
BC Manager
FCB1010 Manager
misc. Linux  
2024 all misc. Windows/Linux SysEx messages via MIDI Thru
2024 BC Manager 6.0.0 All BCL bypass

At the moment no application has a Linux edition.
However, the only remaining stumbling-block is the lack of low-level MIDI I/O handling.
Once this is implemented, creating Linux editions should be easy, particularly for the four applications already having Intel-based macOS editions, since the source code of these macOS editions can be used for Linux almost verbatim.

Four applications are available in editions for Intel-based macOS. There will never be any ARM-based ("Silicon") macOS editions, so you will have to use Rosetta 2 to run the Intel-based editions on ARM-based machines.

Nearly all applications are available on Windows as dual 32/64-bit installers (which automatically install the edition matching the operating system) and as 32- and 64-bit portable editions.
The exception is the Delta Framework application, which will remain available only as a 32-bit installer until further notice.
The Delta Framework application is behind the times in several other respects as well, such as:

  • MIDI I/O handling.
  • It is '', thus links to the old Mountain Utilities web site.
  • It doesn't provide advanced setup/desktop management yet.
  • It doesn't come with a manual.

The table below specifies the Linux and macOS status of all applications:

Application Linux Intel-based macOS
A-880 Manager 2024? Available
BC Manager 2024? Available
BCN44 Manager Maybe No plans
CSV Doctor 2024? No plans
D-5 Manager Maybe No plans
Delta Framework No plans No plans
FCB1010 Manager 2024? Available
GS-10 Manager Maybe No plans
GT-3 Manager No plans No plans
MIDI Tools 2024? Available
ProMix 01 Manager No plans No plans
R-8 Manager Maybe No plans
XG Manager No plans No plans