Updates to all macOS editions released

Today updates to all extant macOS editions of Mountain Utilities applications were released:

All these updates can be downloaded from their respective download pages.

New features:

  • Support for Unicode characters in MIDI input/output device names. (Previously, these applications would sometimes refuse to run when encountering "weird" characters, cf. https://mountainutilities.eu/forums/manager-fail.)
  • The update mechanism of A-880 Manager, FCB1010 Manager and MIDI Tools now allows you to specify in which update types you are interested: alpha (development) versions, (‘public’) beta versions, release candidates and release versions. (The previous macOS edition of BC Manager already had this update mechanism, just like the Windows editions of all Mountain Utilities applications.)
  • A few minor changes concerning specific applications. See the respective download pages and manuals for details.

As can be seen from their version numbers, these releases bring the macOS editions back in line with their Windows counterparts.