Update checks on Windows work again & Config errors no longer block applications

Today new versions of all Mountain Utilities applications (except DF) were released.
These updates feature two small but important improvements:

Most importantly, the update check mechanism works again on Windows 7, Windows 8 and older (i.e. pre-TLS 1.3) Windows 10. (This got broken recently when the Mountain Utilities webhost stopped supporting TLS 1.2.)

Secondly, the applications have become more user-friendly concerning data errors in ".stp" and ".mru" configuration files (as reported by several people on macOS for BC Manager and for FCB1010 Manager):

  • On startup, when an application encounters a data error in a configuration file, the application now mentions the exact name of the offending file, and no longer refuses to start. Hence it is no longer necessary to delete corrupt configuration files manually.
  • On exit, an application reports any errors while saving configuration files.