MIDI Tools 1.7.0 for OS X and Windows released

MIDI Tools 1.7.0 for OS X and Windows was released today.

To download the program, please visit the MIDI Tools page at this site.

This version contains many internal improvements to MIDI input and output communication, and the user interface has been enhanced in several ways. See the MIDI Tools page for details.

The OS X edition:

The OS X edition of MIDI Tools 1.7.0 is the first Mountain Utilities release for OS X ever - a truly momentous event in the life of a humble programmer!
I won’t bore you by going into any technical details of the tortuous road to this release. Let me just say that the whole process has cost me perhaps 1,000 hours, spread across several years, and that despair was always an option: as recently as yesterday I seriously considered abandoning the whole project, after spending about fifty hours fruitlessly trying to fix a particularly nasty, crucial bug - but then, luckily, I saw the light...

If you have access to a Mac, please test this version and report back any problems. This will help me iron out the wrinkles as soon as possible, and thereby ease the release of other applications for OS X, notably BC Manager with its large user base.
On my own Mavericks system the program seems stable and fully functional (apart from a few graphical things that don’t work, as already mentioned in the manual), but perhaps other configurations may show up problems.

Brief impressions can be put in the comments below. (Naturally I'm hoping for 'it works!' rather than reports of trouble...)
However, bugs and feature requests are best reported in the MIDI Tools forum at this site.
Thank you in advance!