Many apps released as Windows portables and dual 32/64-bit installers

In recent days I have released the following applications:
A-880 Manager 3.1.0
BCN44 Manager 1.4.0 Alpha 1
CSV Doctor 1.4.0 Alpha 1
D-5 Manager 2.0.0 Alpha 1
FCB1010 Manager 2.1.0
MIDI Tools 2.1.0
ProMix 01 Manager 1.4.0 Alpha 1
R-8 Manager 1.5.0 Alpha 1
XG Manager 1.5.0 Alpha 1

The only reason some of these new releases are called "Alpha" is that these don't come with "real" manuals yet, only with "stub" manuals: apart from this, these Alpha releases are fully functional. Hopefully in the coming months (or years...) I'll find the time to come up with their "real" manuals.
The non-Alpha releases already have "real" manuals.

Each application in the above list now comes in three Windows editions:

  • dual 32/64-bit installer
  • 32-bit portable
  • 64-bit portable

The dual 32/64-bit installer automatically installs the 32-bit or 64-bit edition of the application corresponding with the operating system: the 32-bit edition on 32-bit Windows, the 64-bit edition on 64-bit Windows.

The portables don't need to be officially installed: you only have to unzip the zip file to a folder of your own choice, then you can run the exe file from there.
The application will maintain all its configuration files (*.ini etc.) in the same folder. So you must have write-access to this folder when running the application, which means that on Vista and later you should not use any folder under "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)".
A 32-bit portable can run on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
A 64-bit portable can only run on 64-bit Windows.

Note that BC Manager, GS-10 Manager and GT-3 Manager already came as 32/64-bit installers and 32- and 64-bit portables.
So this leaves the Delta Framework application as the only Mountain Utilities application still only available as a 32-bit installer.