FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0 for OS X and Windows released

FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0 for OS X and Windows was released today.

To download the application, please visit the FCB1010 page at this site.

Main new features of this version:

  • A manual.
  • The 'MIDI controllers window'.
  • The 'MIDI program changer window'.
  • Switching between different setups for the application (including MIDI I/O device states).
  • Switching between different window layouts ('desktops').
  • Improved display of SW 1 and 2.
  • Corrected interaction between CNT 1 and NOTE.

Additionally, in the OS X edition several serious bugs concerning MIDI input and output were fixed.

See section 2 of the manual for the full list of new features.


martyleewatson's picture

I'm so glad to have finally found the FCB1010 Manager.  I've been able to finally get the controller programmed as I wanted, but my computer is still not showing any indication of connection when I view the midi input meters.  This has been a week's work just trying setup this controller. Anything else I can try?  My computer shows a USB2 Midi connected, FCB1010 Manager recognizes it, but is not receiving data.

Mark van den Berg's picture

It would have been better if you'd asked this in the General forum, but anyway:

Because the information you've given is rather limited (e.g. what OS are you on?), I can't immediately say what's wrong.

The problem can be the way your FCB1010 has been set up, there may be something wrong with the MIDI/USB connection (cable/driver), or with the way FBC1010 Manager has been set up.
And it's particularly difficult to upload/download the FCB1010's setup.

Have you read the pertinent sections of the FBC1010 manual?
In particular, you should look at section 5 ("MIDI setup") and at "MIDI -> Receive" and "MIDI -> Send" in section 6.

One thing you can try is use MIDI Tools to test the MIDI/USB connections as such. This takes the FCB1010-specific configuration of FCB1010 Manager out of the equation.

Hope this helps,