BC Manager 4.0.2 for Windows released

BC Manager 4.0.2 for Windows was released today.

To download the application, please visit the BC Manager page at this site.

In this version the "next/previous preset" buttons in the layout windows work correctly again. (This bug was introduced in BC Manager 4.0.0 for Windows.)

There are also two improvements to the "Send firmware" operation:

  • A dialog box warns the user about the dangers of the operation.
  • The operation inserts a delay of 125 msec between consecutive SysEx messages, thereby hopefully eliminating the risk of buffer overflow in MIDI interfaces with small input buffers.

Note that there is no macOS edition of BC Manager 4.0.2: the bug concerning the next/previous preset buttons doesn't exist on macOS, and the improvements concerning "Send firmware" aren't important enough to warrant a whole new version. (Of course these improvements will be included in the next macOS edition of BC Manager, whenever that is released.)

Please visit the B-Control forum at this site for all discussion of BC Manager.