BC Manager 2.6.0 for OS X and Windows released

BC Manager 2.6.0 for OS X and Windows was released today.

To download the program, please visit the BC Manager page at this site.

This version features improvements in various areas, such as the user interface and MIDI communication. See the BC Manager page for details.

The OS X edition:

This is the first version of BC Manager to feature an OS X edition!
I won’t bore you by going into any technical details of the tortuous road to this release. Let me just mention that BC Manager defines close to 140 different window and dialog types, all of which I've had to painstakingly convert to OS X...

If you have access to a Mac, please test this version and report back any problems. This will help me iron out the wrinkles as soon as possible.
On my own Mavericks system the program seems stable and fully functional (apart from a few graphical things that don’t work, as already mentioned in the manual), but perhaps other configurations may show up problems.

Brief impressions can be put in the comments below. (Naturally I'm hoping for 'it works!' rather than reports of trouble...)
However, bugs and feature requests are best reported in the B-Control forum at this site.
Thank you in advance!


Greg Shaw's picture

Amazing news I've been waiting for this will get in installed and will report back on how its working.


Thank you again!!


Stefan Åberg's picture

Your program has been an invalueble help in constructing a tactile interface using 2 BCRs via generic remote in Cubase for my soft synths. I even learned in-depth Midi along the way.


Dan L's picture

Thank you for all your hard work. I'm very pleased to see this version for OS X. It's worked well so far, however I am unable to understand the shortcuts in the edit menu. What are the correct key combinations to cut, copy, paste. For example, for copy, it shows an exponent symbol '^' plus a question mark with a circle around it. Thank you for your help, in advance!

Mark van den Berg's picture

In the Windows version of BC Manager, the shortcuts for Copy and Paste are Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins respectively. However, modern Apple keyboards don't have an Insert key (cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insert_key), so that's why you see these shortcuts rendered as '^?' in the menus: presumably this means that these shortcuts are dysfunctional.
So I think I'll replace these shortcuts with the familiar Cmd+C and Cmd+V (unless you have a better idea). Hopefully I'll be able to release an update containing this fix in about a week from now.

Thanks very much for reporting this problem! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. In a sense I am relieved: if this is the worst bug in this first OS X version, I'm pretty happy...


Mark van den Berg's picture

You can now download BC Manager for OS X, which hopefully fixes all dead shortcuts.
Please let me know if you still see any question marks in the menus.

Thanks again for pointing this out!


Donald Shaw's picture

Hi there, after downloading I am unable to open and install. Getting the message: "Image not recognized." Any ideas? I am on 10.10.2. Thank you!

Mark van den Berg's picture

Does this happen with BC Manager 2.6.0 and/or
BCMan2.6.0.dmg should be exactly 9,109,267 bytes, BCMan2.6.0.1.dmg 9,114,248 bytes, so if their sizes on your side are different, the download process has somehow failed.

To install, you should follow the instructions under 'OS X' in section 5 of the BC Manager manual.
However, note that these instruction erroneously talk about 'BCManSetupa.b.c.zip' (i.e. the Windows edition!); of course this should be 'BCMana.b.c.dmg'.

Hope this helps,

Donald Shaw's picture

OK tried again and for some reason it worked fine. Something must have been messed with my connection last night. Thanks for your reply. I will be donating.

Mark van den Berg's picture

I'm glad it's working for you now: I couldn't imagine there was anything wrong with the dmg packages as such, since several hundred people have downloaded them in recent weeks without reporting this problem. However, I was starting to fear that Apple had implemented a mechanism in the latest Yosemite version blocking unsigned third-party applications or so... So thanks for setting my mind at rest!