BC Manager 2.5.0 released

BC Manager 2.5.0 was released today.

Features of this version:

1. New: a window in which you can perform MIDI data byte conversions.

2. SysEx model definition files can now contain labeled parameter sections, which can be nested up to any depth. The 'Insert SysEx parameter' dialog box displays these sections in an expandable tree.
(Authors of existing SysEx model definition files are encouraged to convert these files to the new format.
To create a parameter section you only have to insert an opening brace, a description and a closing brace.)

3. Keyboard shortcuts to numerical edit boxes with up and down arrows work again. (This was broken in version 2.4.2.)

4. Big changes to the manual: many screenshots of windows and dialog boxes, new sections dedicated to particular windows, a tutorial on working with presets, and many small improvements.

For more information, please visit the BC Manager page at this site.


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thanx a lot

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Thanks a lot, I am going to start DJing with my BCR2000 and I am using your software quite a lot recently,  once I get paid I'll toss a donation your way.

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thx a lot for that

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thx a lot for bc manager !!

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Thank you !!!!!

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I hope it's work..