A-880 Manager 3.0.0 for OS X and Windows released

A-880 Manager 3.0.0 for OS X and Windows was released today.
The OS X edition is a first for A-880 Manager!

To download the application, please visit the A-880 page at this site.

Main new features of this version:

  • A manual.
  • Switching between different setups for the application (including MIDI I/O device states).
  • Switching between different window layouts ('desktops').
  • Many enhancements to the user interface.
  • Many internal improvements to MIDI input and output communication.
  • The 'MIDI controllers' window.
  • The 'MIDI program changer' window.
  • Many new facilities in the MIDI System Exclusive window.

See section 2 of the manual for the full list of new features.