MIDI Tools

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MIDI Tools is a nifty application, providing (as its name implies) various MIDI-related tools:

  • Real-time MIDI input and output monitors.
  • Capturing, filtering and saving MIDI input messages.
  • Windows edition only: The creation of MIDI thru connections (e.g. from/to virtual MIDI I/O ports).
  • A virtual MIDI controller board, capable of receiving and sending control change messages.
  • A virtual MIDI keyboard (outputting note messages), controlled by the computer mouse. This includes a primitive arpeggiator.
  • A window from which you can send NRPN and RPN messages.
  • A window from which you can send MIDI Program Change messages, optionally prefixed by Bank Select MSB/LSB messages.
  • A window from which you can send MIDI System Exclusive/Common/Real-time messages.
  • A powerful System Exclusive message editor/uploader/downloader.
  • A MIDI data byte converter/calculator.
  • Four virtual Mackie Control displays.

Many of the hardware audio editors from Mountain Utilities also contain some or all of these tools, but MIDI Tools provides them without the hardware-specific hullabaloo of these editors.
Thus, MIDI Tools can be very useful for small tasks and troubleshooting.

MIDI Tools 2.2.0 Beta 2 for macOS

This is the first 64-bit version of MIDI Tools for macOS.
It should be compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and later, including macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

This version no longer uses the Carbon interface, but Cocoa.
Due to this transition, this version no longer suffers from any Carbon-related problems.
On the other hand, the application now suffers from at least one problem related to Cocoa:
Dialog boxes (such as "Check for update") that pop up during application startup prevent the other windows of the application from showing up correctly. As a temporary work-around, in this situation the application automatically restarts.
(This Beta 2 version suppresses dialog boxes more rigorously during autorestart than the earlier Beta 1.)

See section 2 of the manual for the full list of changes.

Please report any problems related to the transition to 64-bit Cocoa in the MIDI Tools forum at this site.
(You may also want to keep an eye on the forums for the other applications that now come in 64-bit Cocoa versions: A-880 Manager, BC Manager and FCB1010 Manager.)

miditls-2.2.0b2.dmg — Downloaded 937 times

MIDI Tools for macOS

Beware: this version is 32-bit, so it doesn't run on macOS 10.15 (Catalina). Even on earlier versions of macOS you should now install the 64-bit version listed above.

This version fixes the update checker (which had stopped working when the Mountain Utilities webhost ended support for TLS 1.0), at least for operating systems supporting TLS 1.1/1.2, i.e. OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later.
So on Mavericks or later, if you had disabled "Automatic check on program startup" in the "Check for update" dialog box, you can now re-enable it. And of course pressing the "Check now" button should work again too.
On OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and earlier (which lack TLS 1.1/1.2 support) the update checker still doesn't work, so it's best to switch "Automatic check on program startup" off, although leaving it on will no longer prevent the application from starting up.

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MIDI Tools 2.1.0 manual (update 1)

This is the manual for MIDI Tools 2.1.0.

Note: All the editions of MIDI Tools 2.1.0 listed below contain this manual too and will install it automatically, so you don't need to download it separately here, unless you wish to read it before running MIDI Tools or its installer. So if you're just updating from a previous version, you can safely skip downloading the manual separately: just download and install the update to MIDI Tools, and you'll be able to read the automatically installed manual anyway.

Tip: This manual also functions as a 'first-aid' manual for those Mountain Utilities audio hardware editors that don't come with "real" manuals themselves yet.

midi-tools-manual-2.1.0-update1.pdf — Downloaded 2645 times

MIDI Tools 2.1.0 for Windows - Installer

Main new features of this version:

  • The installer automatically installs the edition of MIDI Tools matching the operating system: the 32-bit edition on 32-bit Windows, the 64-bit edition on 64-bit Windows. (Previously there was only a 32-bit edition, which was installed on 32- and 64-bit Windows alike.)
  • The MIDI Tools update mechanism allows you to specify in which update types you are interested: alpha (development) versions, (‘public’) beta versions, release candidates and release versions.

See section 2 of the manual for the full list of changes.

miditls-2.1.0-install.exe — Downloaded 5971 times

MIDI Tools 2.1.0 for Windows - Portable 32-bit

This is the 32-bit portable edition of MIDI Tools 2.1.0 for Windows.
You don't need to install this edition: simply unzip it to a folder to which you have write-access and run MidiTls.exe.
This edition runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows, although for 64-bit Windows the 64-bit portable edition is recommended.

miditls-2.1.0-x86-portable.zip — Downloaded 1138 times

MIDI Tools 2.1.0 for Windows - Portable 64-bit

This is the 64-bit portable edition of MIDI Tools 2.1.0 for Windows.
You don't need to install this edition: simply unzip it to a folder to which you have write-access and run MidiTls.exe.
This edition only runs on 64-bit Windows.

miditls-2.1.0-x64-portable.zip — Downloaded 2571 times
MIDI output meters window
MIDI controllers window
MIDI keyboard window
MIDI System Exclusive messages window