The BOSS GS-10 is a 'guitar effects system with USB audio interface'. It came on the market in 2003. It is no longer in production - but still pretty cool!

Note: historically the GS-10 came after the GT-6 and before the GT-8/GT-PRO. The GS-10 should not be confused with the more recent GT-10!

GS-10 Manager, an advanced editor for the GS-10, is available from the GS-10 Manager page.

By clicking the links below, you can download several pdf files discussing various aspects of the GS-10.
In particular the five files discussing GS-10 effects should also be of interest to owners of related BOSS guitar effect processors, such as the GT-6, GT-8 and GT-PRO.

GS-10 battery

A step-by-step guide on GS-10 battery replacement, with many photos.
(This is version 1.1.0 (July 8, 2013), with more info on the Battery Low message.)

GS-10 battery.pdf — Downloaded 14419 times

GS-10 Self-Test

A description (version 0.2.0) of the GS-10's Self-Test.

GS-10 Self-Test.pdf — Downloaded 1683 times

GT-6 vs GS-10 patches

A detailed list of what's new in GS-10 patches compared to the GT-6.

GT-6 vs GS-10 patches.pdf — Downloaded 2140 times

GS-10 bug report

A bug report on the GS-10.
(This was intended for BOSS, but they never responded!)

GS-10 bugs.pdf — Downloaded 1291 times

Preset patches

Detailed preset patch table.
Corrects several errors in the table in the official BOSS GS-10 manual.

GS-10 preset patches.pdf — Downloaded 1306 times

Quick Settings

Lists and tables of the Quick Settings.

GS-10 Quick Settings.pdf — Downloaded 1118 times

Dynamic processors

Input-output plots of the GS-10's limiters and compressors.

GS-10 dynamic — Downloaded 385 times

Pedal Wah

A discussion of the Pedal Wah effect.

GS-10 Pedal — Downloaded 394 times

Tone Modify

A discussion of the Tone Modify effect.

GS-10 Tone — Downloaded 393 times


An in-depth (83-page!) discussion of the Preamp/Speaker effect.

GS-10 — Downloaded 445 times


A discussion of the GS-10's stereo properties (related to the setup of the effect chain).

GS-10 Stereo.pdf — Downloaded 1204 times