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Hi Mark,

I have started to move most of my stuff to my web site

I will remove all the files etc of mine from the Yahoo group and store them there.

In a short while I plan to stop being and administrator for the group and will just hang out here if that's OK.

All the best with the new site.


Mark van den Berg
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"...if that's OK."

Are you kidding? I'm over the moon!
If I didn't want you here, I would have put a notice on the home page saying "Australian BC2000 gurus not welcome here!"

But seriously:
I'd be happy to include a link to your website here: just send me the surrounding text, and I'll put it on the BCF/R2000 page or so, maybe together with some other external links, e.g. to Behringer.
I haven't decided yet whether I'll link to the Yahoo group any more...

Steve (not verified)
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Congrats to Mark for his new site and to Royce on his new site, too.

Suren__ (not verified)
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I am trying to use my BCN44 to program some presets for my AN200. All the strings I need are pre-programmed in BC Manager but are not included in BCN44 Manager! Is the device unable to handle it? Such a shame if so.

In theory, you should still be able to add custom output to elements in the BCN44 right? But I just can't seem to find a way.


Mark van den Berg
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The BCN44's support for custom output definitions is very limited:

If you set its Type parameter to Custom, a button or encoder can define a sequence of maximally 11 data bytes.

Furthermore, in the case of encoders you must also define an index that indicates the byte in this sequence that 'carries' the encoder's position (from 0 to 127). (So it doesn't matter what actual value that particular byte has in the sequence: it's just a dummy.)
For instance, you could define a sequence of 'B0 07 00' with an index of 3: this will send a Control Change message on Channel 1 for Controller #7, where the encoder's position is sent as the third byte. (In BCF/R2000 parlance, this would be "$B0 $07 val".)
I can't remember what happens if you set the index to a position beyond the length of the string, but it's clearly something you want to avoid.

Hopefully this clarifies things a bit.