XGman manual: key #60 should be C3 not C4

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Greg Holwell
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XGman manual: key #60 should be C3 not C4

The parts screen shows that key #0 is C-2 and #127 is G8. By this reasoning #60 should be C3.

Mark van den Berg
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At least four different systems for MIDI note names are in existence.

In nearly all places my applications use a system in which note #0 is called "C-1". For instance, this is what is shown on the statusbar of the "MIDI keyboard" window, which is incorporated in many of my applications.
The rationale for this choice (which I made decades ago) was that the Roland company uses this system, and that most of my applications (particularly back then) concerned Roland/BOSS devices.

However, Yamaha uses a system in which note #0 is called "C-2", which is why the Parts window of XG Manager uses that.

It will be hard to come up with a solution that is not confusing to some group of users, but I'll think about it. Perhaps users could be given a choice, with the default being the Yamaha system in XG Manager, and the Roland system in Roland/BOSS editors.
Anyway, thanks for pointing this out!