A walk-through video for FCB1010 Manager

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A walk-through video for FCB1010 Manager

I'm not sure if this video does justice to FCB1010 Manager but I tried to record my experience with it as a video. Hands down the best FCB1010 editor there is! Everything is color coded and neatly organized within the software. It allows you to see everything about a setup file.Thank you Marc!!!



Mark van den Berg
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Hi Sam,

Thanks very much for this. I'm sure lots of users will find this very useful.

To clarify the current state of FCB1010 Manager (in particular some of the limitations of its user interface and manual):

Originally I developed FCB1010 Manager just for my personal use: at the time (around 2006 or so) there were already many FCB1010 editors around (both for the original firmware and for Ossandust's Uno), so it seemed pointless to make my editor publicly available.

So when I finally did release it, in 2009, I didn't advertise it much and I didn't provide a manual.
It was very much a side-project of mine: I had my hands full with other, bigger applications, like GS-10 Manager (for the BOSS GS-10) and BC Manager (for the Behringer BCF/R2000).

Even when I released the first Mac edition of FCB1010 Manager (for version 1.2.2) in 2015, it didn't have a high priority.
However, the Mac edition turned out to be surprisingly popular in terms of download rate: even more so than the Windows edition.
(For my other applications with both Windows and Mac editions the rate tends to be a firm 2 to 1 in favor of Windows.)

This finally made me pay a bit more attention: so in FCB1010 Manager 2.0.0, released in 2016, I significantly improved the application in various ways, and I finally came up with a manual.

But of course both the application and the manual aren't fully streamlined yet.
For instance, the discussions with you and other people in this forum have made me realize that the tricky "MIDI -> Receive" and "MIDI -> Send" operations could do with even more explicit documentation, both in the application itself and in the manual.
So that's something I'll probably address in the next version, though I have no idea when this will be released.

In any case, your video nicely offers a user-oriented, practical approach that should compensate for the lack of tutorials in the manual.

Just one thing: my name is spelt with a k, not with a c as stated on the YouTube page.