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I can use either USB or MIDI to my BCR or both if needed. Could I please get suggestions as to the advantages or disadvantages to using one or the other

Thanks T.

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Hi, here are just a few ways you can use the BC - tell us what you would like to do and perhaps we can make some suggestions.


 So you don't have to connect a computer - eg just a synth and the BC for synth control / programming

 If you are using a lighting desk that is Midi controllable

 If you already have a Midi interface, you can just use that and simplify your setup.


 Control / program VSTs or your DAW or other software.

(The BC can provide value 'feedback' and change values in the DAW to keep BC and DAW in sync )

USB & Midi...

 You can connect one BC, by Midi, to another BC and that one is also connected to your computer by USB.

This is how you chain up multiple BCs to get 16, 24 ... channels.

I have 3 BCRs connected by Midi to my BCF which is also connected by USB to my laptop all controlling a synth.

 A Midi interface ... eg you can connect a keyboard in to the BC Midi In and Out.

On your PC, the BC will appear on Port 1 and the Keyboard will come in on a separate Port 2 (similarly for the output ports)

I use this to put a computer between the BC and a synth. See or


All the best