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There isn't an Undo/Redo function, right? I don't really miss them considering how much control this editor gives me to quickly edit a setup file. Just wanted to make sure.

Mark van den Berg
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No, there's no undo/redo.

About nine years ago someone asked for undo/redo for BC Manager (my editor for the Behringer BCF/BCR2000).
Quoting from the FAQ section of the BC Manager manual:

Can you implement an undo feature in BC Manager? I have had to restart BC Manager several times, when I cut a line, then paste, but do something in the wrong order. This is the case, say when I am revising a layout, moving things around to better suit me. I get stuck, I copy something, then paste, or paste the last thing before I cut... I really need an undo feature.
Otherwise I have to stop, close, not save, start over since last save, and I don’t save after every single move, although I could.

And my reply:

From a programmer’s point of view, an undo feature (in particular an application-wide one) is absolutely one of the most horribly difficult and time-consuming things to implement: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a professional word processor or programming environment whose undo feature was not buggy in some way... The problem is this: the more editing operations a program has, the more difficult it is to keep track of all the interacting effects of these operations, hence the more difficult it is to reverse all these operations. So I don’t think that it is on the cards in the near future, but I have added it to the wish list...
Instead of closing, can’t you just reopen the current file? [...]

Nine years on, undo/redo is still on the wish list for BC Manager, so you shouldn't get your hopes up for FCB1010 Manager either...