Two set-ups for FCB1010

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Two set-ups for FCB1010

Thanks for entertaining this question. 

I typically use the FCB1010 with my Behringer V-Amp.  Works fine.  I did upgrade to the Eureka chip.

I just purchased the Bias FX Pro software for guitar sims.  I wanted to use the FCB1010 to send signals to the pedal sims.  If I do that, when I switch the midi cables back to my amp, will I have to re-program everything?  In other words, can I bounce back and forth from the amp to the software? 

Thanks again!


Mark van den Berg
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Hi John,

Uploading a setup to the FCB1010 is always a fuss, so it probably wouldn't be practical to have one setup for the V-Amp and one for Bias FX Pro.
However, the standard FCB1010 EEPROM defines 100 programmable presets, so you could use (say) 50 for the V-Amp and 50 for Bias FX Pro. (Moving these presets around is very easy in FCB1010 Manager via cut and paste.)
However, I don't know anything about the Eureka chip, so I don't know to what extent using such a split setup is feasible there.