trying to restore the BCR200, i messed it up with BC manager

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trying to restore the BCR200, i messed it up with BC manager

Hi, I just tried to change the Midi channel of my BCR2000 and now the device isn’t sending midi to my computer at all, Could you please help?

I used the BC Manager application to change the midi channel and must have messed something up in the process because Midi monitor or Ableton Live are now not responding to the BCR2000. I’ve tried resetting to default or loading old saves layouts but haven’t been able to get it to work yet. How can I restore my BCR2000 so that it once again can send out midi commands?


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The easiest way is how to upload the firmware again. It's best if you do it via MIDI ports, not USB.

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As long as the BCR's display briefly shows its firmware version (latest version: "1.10") upon startup, this firmware is guaranteed to be fully functional (since the BCR performs a checksum routine), so it's totally pointless to re-upload the same firmware.
Moreover, uploading firmware achieves just that: uploading the firmware. It doesn't change the BCR's editable global settings (Operating Mode, Receive Channel, Device ID etc.), nor its 32 presets.

Mark van den Berg
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Mark van den Berg
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I'm not sure what's gone wrong, but you should realize that there are several different settings affecting the BCR's operation:

  • Operating mode (a.k.a. "MIDI mode"): U-1/2/3/4/S-1/2/3/4. This is a very fundamental setting: it determines the "wiring" of the BCR. In principle you can change this in BC Manager via the "global setup" dialog box, but that is dangerous. The safest procedure is to change this on the BCR itself via "Edit Global Setup" (EDIT + STORE) while BC Manager isn't running. See section 12.1 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf for some discussion.
  • Device ID (1-16). Among other things, this determines whether the BCR accepts incoming preset definitions (i.e. BCL definitions wrapped in MIDI System Exclusive messages). You can't edit this via BC Manager's "global setup" dialog box. [This dialog box only displays the Device ID that "happens to be" present in the global setup structure in the current context: either received via MIDI from the BCR or present in the loaded setup file, whichever was received/opened last.] So you must set the BCR's device ID via "Edit Global Setup" and set the same value in BC Manager's "MIDI options" dialog box (which is accessible via the MIDI pull-down menu of the "B-Controls" window).
  • Receive channel (Off/1-16). This has very limited relevance: it only determines what happens when the BCR receives a MIDI Program Change message: if the MIDI channel of that message is equal to the BCR's "receive channel", the BCR activates the memory preset (1-32) mentioned in the Program Change message. The "receive channel" can be changed safely via BC Manager's "global setup" dialog box or via the BCR's "Edit Global Setup".

Note that when you press a button or turn an encoder on the BCR, the BCR's MIDI output is only determined by the definition of that button or encoder in the currently active preset. This also applies to the MIDI channel of any MIDI channel message thus defined. So the BCR doesn't have a global MIDI channel for this. (As stated above, the BCR's "receive channel" has a totally different function.) However, BC Manager allows you to change the MIDI channels of multiple buttons/encoders/presets in one go.

 Hope this helps,