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Thanks for nothing

I have just lost all 27 templates in my BCR2000 - that took countless hours of creating Use this BC Manager with extreme caution - the manual is perplexing to the extreme, am sure it is easier to work with Hebron Collider manual than this, and to expect a donation !!!!! you're having a laugh!

Why do you software developers not get it K.I.S.S a simple 'gewt you started section - eg how to send a file to the BC. I tried to make sense of the manual and lost the will to live - USE THIS SOFTWARE WITH EXTREME CAUTION, DO NOT RELY ON INTUITION IT WILL DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU WANT AND DESTROY ALL IN ITS PATH


Mark van den Berg
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First of all: this rant of yours steps way over the line in many respects, irrespective of the validity of your claims against BC Manager and your understandable upset after zapping your presets. So any further posts from you in which you resort to Caps Lock mode or to disrespectful, insulting or slanderous language will be deleted unceremoniously.

You scoff at my request for donations, yet you make all kind of demands on BC Manager and its manual. So if you had had your way, I should have spent even more time on it than I have and still not have been rewarded in any way? Don't make me laugh.

Your outcry about 'you software developers' seems to indicate that you have a very simplistic view of them: as if developers are a deviant, anti-social breed, who do nothing but vex users by their incomprehensible programs and manuals. In my experience there is hardly such a person as 'the typical developer': developers differ among themselves as much as any group of people; some are nice, others grumpy, some are social, others nerdy, and so on. Yes, sometimes unclear software or documentation vexes users, but these are mostly incidents, and if you can't handle these incidents, you should probably look at your own attitude rather than blame your supposed tormentors, particularly if they offer their software for free.

When you installed BC Manager, you accepted the licence agreement, which states:

By agreeing to this license agreement you accept the following:

1. You use this software completely at your own risk. Mountain Utilities is not responsible for any damage or harm caused by this software.

So don't try to blame BC Manager for your loss: you're the one responsible.

As to your criticism as such:

I assume that you erroneously executed 'Send all data' instead of 'Receive all data'.
You claim that the manual is 'perplexing to the extreme', but on p. 46 it states that ‘Send all data’ '[s]ends all data (as maintained by BC Manager) to the connected BCF or BCR.' One cannot get any clearer than that.
Furthermore, on p. 29 the manual states:
First make sure that all memory presets are synchronized between the BC and BC Manager. Unless one or more memory presets on the BC contain data you don't have anywhere else, the best direction of synchronization is from BC Manager to the BC.
'Unless one or more memory presets on the BC contain data you don't have anywhere else' is the crucial clause here: obviously in this case the required direction of synchronization is from the B-Control to BC Manager.
Together, these two quotes should make it totally clear that you should not have used 'Send all data' (but 'Receive all data').

However, when you ordered BC Manager to erase your presets, it duly did so. Are you surprised that an editor can modify data? If you had any doubt about what 'Send all data' would do, you should have looked it up in the manual, or you could have asked a question in this forum - I have been known to be reasonably helpful if addressed politely.

Now on p. 42 the manual says:
The best way to approach this setup is to use the file as the 'master' and the BCF or BCR as the 'slave'. This is because it is advisable not to receive the setup data from a BCF or BCR, for several reasons: [...]
You might argue that this is confusing, but obviously this does not actually incite you to overwrite your precious presets on the BCR. These remarks merely warn about the drawbacks of working from the B-Control to the computer, i.e. they only apply to the situation when there's a choice, i.e. after saving any presets originally only on the B-Control to a file.

Your grandiose claims that the BC Manager manual is 'perplexing to the extreme' etc. are highly disingeneous and unfair. Even you cannot have missed that it addresses many of the required procedures step by step: driver installation, program installation etc. You would have scrapped those sections? Yes, the manual may still be unclear on some points, but these are 'incidents', and I'm always working on improvements in the limited amount of time I have.

You claim that the manual is too complicated; you would have wanted a simple 'get started section', addressing your particular starting situation. However, things aren't that simple, because I have known many first-time users in totally different situations. To name just one: some people have bought second-hand B-Controls with older firmware, which they needed to upgrade first: a very dangerous operation, so surely that procedure should be covered in the 'simple' get started section as well...?
On the other hand, your starting situation may not be as common as you think: in BC Manager's seven years of existence I have never received any questions about the proper procedure when starting out with presets being kept only on the BCR itself; let alone that I've heard of people accidentally erasing (instead of saving) these presets by means of BC Manager. So it's not that strange that addressing this situation hasn't been a priority. Probably most people turn to software editors immediately after buying a BCR, instead of laboriously creating many presets on the BCR itself.
And a final point: my manual's warnings about the optimal direction of working with presets (which may have contributed to your confusion) were put in the manual for a valid reason as well.
So writing manuals is a laborious, time-consuming process. And would you like to write a 120-page manual for free and yet be ridiculed for it?

You state that you have lost 27 presets 'that took countless hours of creating'. It is indeed unfortunate that you have lost these presets, but it's not the end of the world. Presumably you had created them on your BCR itself, which must indeed have been a laborious process, but ironically the easiest way to recreate them may be by using BC Manager: it allows you to create series of 'standard' button and encoder definitions at lightning speed. However, if you'd rather recreate your presets painstakingly on the BCR itself or by means of a different editor with a crystal-clear manual, go right ahead, Mr or Ms never_again...

However, to end on a positive note: I'll release the next version of BC Manager in the near future, and I'll see if I have time to put a categorical statement in the manual about the proper procedure in case of unsaved presets on the B-Control. I'm even thinking of adding a warning to BC Manager whenever the user tries to send memory presets to the B-Control. So thanks for pointing this out, and good luck with recreating your presets, in whatever way.

Genmce (not verified)
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Ignore that ops post, you rock!

Thanks for all you do!er

Mark van den Berg
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Thanks for the support!

I share your sentiment about the OP.
When I first saw this original post (after an arduous day of programming), I immediately deleted it. But after fifteen minutes I reconsidered and reinstated it. (In fact I had to restore the complete website database from the daily backup!)
After that it took me several days to decide what to do: delete the post (again), ignore it, respond briefly with sarcasm... In the end I chose to respond seriously, but I agree that I may have overdone it a bit, haha...


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Golden rule of working with computers, back everything up!

But who am I to throw common sense into this world :-P

The programs awesome Mark, it helps with all the oldschool gear I keep collecting!!