Sysex RCV to FSB1010 not working

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Sysex RCV to FSB1010 not working

Hello Mark, and thank you for providing this handy utility. The program runs fine and my FSB1010 works fine. I'm currently using it to control Ableton Live and a WAVES GTR pluggin. When I do a Sysex Send to Mountain Utilities from the FSB, it works great. Everything I program manually into the FSB shows up perfectly. However when I try to download a setup from the utility, it doesn't "take" within the FSB. The utilty tells me that "Data was sent to the FSB." And when it happens, I do see a little LED on the FSB flash, indicating that *something* happened. But the data in the FSB doesn't change. I've read in other posts where you indicate the Sysex message is long, and that this whole thing can be a finicky process. So these are the things I've tried so far:

1- Restarting the software and the FSB

2- Using only the MIDI IN when performing the dump

3- Doing a factory reset to the FSB

It's still very handy to be able to see what has been programmed into the board, so the utility is still usefull, and helps me out. But needless to say, it would be great to be able to write to my FSB. 

Thanks for any suggestions, and cheers!


Mark van den Berg
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Hi Chuck,

As you say, communication with the FCB1010 is finicky, and based on your description I can't state categorically what's going wrong exactly, so all I can do is offer some suggestions.

Have you read the "MIDI -> Send" section in the FCB1010 Manager manual (p. 16 in the latest version)?
In particular the two pitfalls mentioned there might apply to your situation:

1. The FCB1010 is very finicky concerning its Global Configuration mode. Therefore you should follow the instructions in the "Send data ..." dialog box to the letter: (1) disconnect any cable from the FCB1010's MIDI IN socket, (2) switch on the FCB1010 in Global Configuration mode (DOWN + POWER), (3) (re)connect the cable to the MIDI IN socket. Etc.

2. Your USB-to-MIDI device might "maim" the System Exclusive message of 2352 bytes that FCB1010 Manager sends to the FCB1010. To find out whether this is the case, you could try the following procedure:

  1. Connect a MIDI cable between the USB-to-MIDI device's MIDI Out and MIDI In sockets. (Your FCB1010 isn't involved in this procedure.)
  2. In FCB1010 Manager, open the "MIDI input messages" window via the main window's View pull-down menu (-> MIDI -> Input messages).
  3. In the "MIDI input message" window, press the Record button.
  4. From the main window, send the FCB1010's SysEx message via MIDI -> Send.
  5. Verify that the SysEx message comes back to FCB1010 Manager correctly: the message should appear in the "MIDI input message" window with the correct length: 2352 bytes. (Of course its content should also be correct, for instance it should start with F0 and end with F7. However, if the length is correct, the content is usually correct too.)

Hope this helps,