SysEx input buffers

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SysEx input buffers


When Im trying to send/recieve data to the bcr2000 I keep getting "Not enough Midi SysEx input buffers " error report.Im new to the editor so i suspect its something ive missed,but i couldnt find any mention on the forum or the manual,

Im on a mac 10.12.9 running 4.02



Mark van den Berg
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Hi Mike,

"Not enough Midi SysEx input buffers" occurs in the MacOS edition of BC Manager when too many MIDI System Exclusive bytes have been received from a MIDI input device.
BC Manager maintains 256 buffers of 256 bytes each for each MIDI input device. Normally this should give the computer enough time to process any received messages quickly enough to prevent overflow.
So the question is what exactly is going wrong in your situation: there might be incoming MIDI SysEx messages that contain too many bytes, or the number of incoming messages might be too high. I can't immediately say which is the case.
Can you monitor the incoming MIDI messages, e.g. via BC Manager's "MIDI input messages" window?
There might be an undesired loopback from a MIDI output to a MIDI input, perhaps via the BCR2000. In fact, since you say that this error occurs when you're sending/receiving data to/from the BCR2000, the offending incoming messages might be the very messages that are being sent by BC Manager.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the reply,I have set up the bcr to usb(U1)now rather than stand alone midi, and things seem to be working now.Ive yet to find out how this fits with the rest of my set up ie logic now not recognising my connection route.

Im building a sequencer in reaktor that is designed around the bcr,trying to fit all the controls sensibly and usefully  on the bcr.

I can continue now....thanks again