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sysex via Cubase

Hey folks...

I've recently dusted off my old GS-10 and am working on integrating it into my DAW setup.

I've recently downloaded the GS-10 manager from this website and am truly blown away by what it can do!

One little teething problem though...

I'm able to record the GS-10's sysex messages, knob movements, program changes, effects on/off, etc into Cubase. Having turned off the sysex filtering, the info now records onto a MIDI track. The messages can then be replayed to the GS-10 out of cubase and everything plays back as it should. However, the GS-10 manager program does not respond to those "played back" movements from Cubase. Presumably this is because the manager only reads sysex coming directly from the GS-10 and the GS-10, although being controlled by cubase is not putting that info back out to the GS-10 manager.

Does anyone know of a setting on the GS-10 itself, or the GS-10 manager that might make this work? I've tried selecting GS-10 control as a "thru output device", but that hasn't helped.

I also have MIDI OX, although I'm only just scratching the surface of what it can do... maybe there's some way of duplicating the sysex coming out of cubase and feeding it back into the GS-10 manager.

Just thought I'd put this post up in case anyone's been down a similar road.

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Done a bit more experimenting.

Am definitely stumped on this one!

OK... here's what I did:

With the GS-10 manager open and receiving/sending MIDI via "GS10 control", I sweep the gain knob on the preamp of the GS-10 back and forth...

The corresponding gain knob in the manager program sweeps back and forth. i.e. it is reading the sysex from the GS-10

so I open up a MIDI channel in cubase and record myself sweeping the gain knob on the GS-10 via the GS10 control input.

This gets recorded on the MIDI track and I then play back track, outputting to the GS-10 hardware via "GS10 control" midi output.

The gain value changes on the GS-10 correspondingly. i.e. the GS-10 hardware is reading the sysex from the MIDI track in cubase.

Then, using loopMIDI, I send the MIDI track out from Cubase to the loopMIDI virtual out and set the GS-10 program to receive from the loopMIDI.

I confirm the MIDI is being received by the GS-10 program via MIDI input messages and monitor.

However, the gain in the preamp graphical interface within the GS-10 program remains stationary. i.e. it does not respond to the incoming sysex.


This would seem to suggest that for some reason which I cannot fathom, the GS-10 program ONLY responds to sysex coming directly from the GS-10 hardware.

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Update: I seem to have solved my problem with a little help from the forum ( )

I seem to have missed the fact there are two places I can specify MIDI in and out in the GS-10 manager: "options>MIDI devices" AND "options>Gs10"

I still had a problem getting the replayed sysex from Cubase to translate "through" to the GS-10 hardware though and in the end used a "MIDI routing" patch on Max 8. ( )

A bit overkill, but it did the job!

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OK... so final update on this one - seems I was over-complicating the issue. (there's no need to be messing about with Max!)

Firstly, I failed to take note of the fact that knob movements on the GS-10 pre-amp section are channel specific... so if I record moving the bass EQ on channel A in cubase, it will not play back or show anything happening either on the GS-10 itself or the manager software if I'm on channel B. Pretty obvious, but led me to some false conclusions.

Secondly, I didn't realize that the loopMIDI virtual port is automatically a "multi" port and so I can send the one instance of the port to as many places as I like.

Here's the setup that is working for me:

Cubase: (MIDI track) MIDI in = GS10 control; MIDI out = loopMIDI #1

GS-10 manager: "options>MIDI devices" ; Input = LoopMIDI #1 ; Output = GS10 control & LoopMIDI #1 (no thru devices)

                           "options>Gs10" ; Input = loopMIDI #1 ; output = GS-10 control

So, with this setup I've achieved what I was hoping for:

- I can have Cubase receive and transmit recorded sysex MIDI info from the GS-10 when I record a guitar track.

- I can tweak parameters and patches on the GS-10 and see these reflected in the GS-10 Manager, and vice versa

- GS-10 manager will show realtime changes on playback from Cubase.


Great... now I can go make some music :D