Sysex for changing the LEDs in the encoder Groups

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Sysex for changing the LEDs in the encoder Groups


i am programming a Reason Codec for the BCR and would like to change the LED behaviour of the encoder groups back and forth to bargraph mode and 1dot and panning mode.

What is the sysex that i need to send to the BCR from my codec for this?

Mark van den Berg
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The LEDs of an encoder can be controlled via a BCL .mode statement. (See section 17.2 in BC MIDI Implementation.pdf.)
This .mode statement must occur in an encoder section, i.e. after an encoder selector statement ($encoder N).
Unfortunately, an encoder selector statement clears all parameters of the encoder (cf. BCMI section 17 (intro)), so your encoder section will need to fully repeat the current encoder setup.
So all in all you'll need something like this:

$rev R1
$encoder 1
  .easypar CC 1 11 0 127 absolute
  .showvalue on
  .mode 1dot
  .resolution 96
  .default 0

Actually, to speed up transmission, you can leave out certain aspects of this (such as the indentation spaces).
To find out which optimizations are possible, it may help to disable all items under "Load in BCL editor" in BC Manager's BCL "Output options" dialog box (under Options in the main menu), then define an encoder in preset 0, and load this encoder's definition in the BCL editor window via Load -> Preset 0 -> Selected encoders.

See BCMI section 7 on how to embed BCL statement in SysEx messages.

Hope this helps,