Structure of B-Control user file section

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Mark van den Berg
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Structure of B-Control user file section

When I built this website last November, I created only one folder in the B-Control user file section: 'Presets'.
However, in response to a question from someone interested in uploading his BC Manager SysEx definition files, I've now renamed the 'Presets' folder to 'Devices', to make it clear that definition files can go there as well.

The advantage of not having a separate root folder for definition files is that users interested in a particular device (synth etc.) can now find everything in a single place.

To make it easy to find a particular device, my idea is to create a subfolder under 'Devices' for each manufacturer ('Roland', 'Yamaha' etc.), and within that a subfolder for each particular device.

Apart from 'Devices', we might create a root folder called 'DAWs' (or so), for (you've guessed it) any material dealing with DAWs.
And maybe a folder 'General info'.

But I'm open to any thoughts and (counter-)suggestions, so please let me know what you think.

Francesco64 (not verified)
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I would like to join in order to download Bcr2000 files and take part in the discussions in the forums.

But, even searching deeply, I couldn't find a registration button, nothing.

How could I do?

Thanks in advance,


Mark van den Berg
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Click on "Log in" (top right), then click on the "Create new account" tab.

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Mey be everyone knows that expect me?.....sorry to ask this:

How can i open or convert the downloaded .bcr file in BC Manager?

i can send .txt or .syx or .bc2 files to my bcr2000, but can't find a way to do so with .bcr files.

Thanks avdvance for your help!

Mark van den Berg
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Bcr files are BC Manager's "native", preferred format, so you don't have to convert them: you can load them directly into BC Manager.
The procedure for this is the same as for syx, txt and bc2 files:

  1. Open BC Manager's "B-Controls" window.
  2. Select (highlight) your BCR2000. (Of course this is only relevant if there are multiple B-Controls in the list. Note that you can only open bcr files when you've selected a BCR2000, and only bcf files when you've selected a BCF2000.)
  3. Press the "Open file" button on the toolbar (the leftmost, yellow button), or execute Open or Import from the File pull-down menu. (See the manual for the differences between Open and Import.) This opens a dialog box called something like "BCR2000: Open/Import data file."
  4. In the "Open/Import data file" dialog box, select "BCR2000 file (*.bcr)" in the "Files of type" box (at least that's what it's called in Windows 7; in other operating systems the label might be slightly different).
  5. Select your bcr file.
  6. Press the Open button. This loads the data from the bcr file into the selected B-Control context in BC Manager.

After you've loaded the file in BC Manager, you can edit the data, save it, send it to your BCR2000, etc.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot Mark !! it works !!yesyesyes

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Hi Mark This link will lead you to a page with Mikrokorg sysex preset files and Overlay sticker for BCR2000