PROM vs 2.55

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PROM vs 2.55

PROM vs 2.55 --- I currently have a FCB1010 with the old PROM 2.1 which I want to upgrade. Current eBay sellers have PROM vs 2.55 available, both advertised as the latest from Behringer(?), and thus non UNO or Eurekaprom. Will either PROM work with Mountain Utilities FCB1010 Manager 2.2.1 for Windows? I guess PROM 2.55 would be preferred if indeed the latest and compatible...

Mark van den Berg
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FCB1010 Manager is guaranteed to work with Behringer firmware versions 2.4 ("2.4.1B") and 2.5 ("2.50.1E").
Both these versions are about 20 years old!

However, this is the first I've heard about a Behringer 2.55 firmware version. I don't have it, and I don't know whether it is compatible with FCB1010 Manager.

The main question concerns the MIDI System Exclusive message transferring the FCB1010's setup from and to the device: if 2.55 uses an even slightly different data format, it may be incompatible with FCB1010 Manager. The version number 2.55 itself seems to indicate that it is a kind of sub-version of 2.5, so it would be a bit strange if its data format is different; but who knows.

A seller on eBay states that 2.55 "offers lots of bug fixes and new super useful features including the ability to copy patches". "Bug fixes" and "the ability to copy patches" don't sound like there are changes in the setup message format, but again: who knows.

So hopefully someone who owns a 2.55 can comment on the compatibility of 2.55 and FCB1010 Manager.