Program Change increment/decrement buttons

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Program Change increment/decrement buttons


Via edit mode on the BCR, I've set a pair of buttons to send decrementing/incrementing program change, eg:

PC Ch1 off off 0 Inc -1

PC Ch1 off off 0 Inc 1

When I pulled the data from the BCR to the GUI, it stored in the file:

$button 51
.easypar PC 1 off off 0
.showvalue on
.default 0
$button 52
.easypar PC 1 off off 1
.showvalue on
.default 0

which doesn't reproduce the effect.

How do I set this via the BC Manager GUI, or in the text file?  I've tried various combinations of things, but not have worked so far.


Mark van den Berg
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Hi Will,

From the FAQ section (33) in the BC Manager manual, in answer to question 13:

This feature [i.e. Program Change inc/dec] was introduced in the B-Control’s firmware version 1.10. However, due to a bug in this firmware, the B-Control doesn’t include the ‘InC’ setting in its preset dumps, nor can it be set via MIDI. Consequently, BC Manager (or any other B-Control editor) cannot work with this setting, and destroys it whenever it sends the button’s settings to the B-Control

That the BCF and BCR don't include PC inc/dec in their 'normal' (BCL) data communication is one of the main reasons for the planned implementation of the 'BCL bypass' in BC Manager that has been on my roadmap for years.
This BCL bypass will involve transmission of the BCF/R's actual binary preset data (which obviously does contain any PC inc/dec settings) rather than the faulty BCL data.
About seven years ago I cracked the basic problem, but I'll still need to put in a lot of work to determine exactly where each parameter is in the binary data: obviously there's no room for mistakes.
Since this is tedious, frustrating and (above all) time-consuming work, I've kept postponing the full implementation. As you can see on the roadmap, it's currently planned for 2019. But who knows, now that you've brought it up again...


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Ah!  I had searched the manual for "decrement" and "increment", and apparently skipped over "incremental" as my mind had me think it was about something else -- mind fail.  Thanks, Mark, for the pointer and for the extra explanation.