Problem saving presets in BC Manager 4.0

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Problem saving presets in BC Manager 4.0


I was just doing some testing on the new BC Manager (MacOS 10.12 Sierra) and when I tried to "save as" my presets it came a pop up message saying the "File is not writable". Do you know why is this message showing?






Mark van den Berg
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Which folder are you trying to save your presets to?
In my experience, MacOS (in particular Finder) can do weird lock-ups of folders and files that it wrongly deems "part of the OS".
So you may want to check whether the folder you want to save to is read-only, or try to save to another folder.
Another potential problem: does the file you're trying to save already exist? And if so, is it read-only?

You can check folder and file permissions from a terminal window:

Returns the current folder.

cd path
Changes the current folder to path.

ls -l
Lists the contents of the current folder.
The third column specifies the owner of the subfolder or file: this should be your user name.
The first column specifies the permissions: "drwx" etc.; d=directory; r=readable; w=writable; x=executable.
In the first column, the first group of three "rwx" character subcolumns indicates what the owner can do to the subfolder or file.
So to have full access to a subfolder, the first column should start with "drwx"; and a file should start with "-rw-".
You should also look out for any "@" at the end of the first column: this indicates one or more "extra attributes".
In my experience "" is very popular.
It often helps to remove these extra attributes; you can use the xattr command to check and remove these. xattr --help will tell you more.

Hope this helps,

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Just moved it to another place and it worked.Thanks!