Possible to change Preset < > buttons elsewhere?

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Possible to change Preset < > buttons elsewhere?

It would be great to use those preset buttons for Rewind / Fastforward as they are very accessible and hard to miss.  I'm using multiple presets so would still need to change back and forth frequently.  I saw a post that mentions the following Sysex in order to tell BCR2000 to goto 'N' preset:

$rev R1
.recall N

Where "N" above is a number in ascii from 1 to 32 inclusive.

Is there a way via the BCR2000 (or even externally) to program an encoder or few buttons to change presets?


Mark van den Berg
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I saw a post that mentions the following Sysex in order to tell BCR2000 to goto 'N' preset

That wasn't in this forum, was it? According to the Search facility of this website, the only previous topic mentioning the "$recall" statement is BC Manager doesn't change preset on the BCR (very informative, though more about changing presets from BC Manager than from the BCR).

See section 19.3 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf for a discussion of the four methods of selecting a memory preset, one of which indeed uses "$recall". (Incidentally, it's "$recall", not ".recall"; see section 19.1 of BCMI. And what is "no-op"?)

Among these methods, the PRESET buttons are the only BCR-internal one, so if you redefine these buttons (e.g. for rewind/fastforward in your DAW), you simply lose this ability.
The other three methods work by sending MIDI data to the BCR.

Theoretically you could make a preset-selecting button via any of these three methods, then loop the MIDI output from this button back to the BCR and thus make the BCR switch to a different preset.

Obviously the Program Change method (#2 in BCMI section 19.3) is by far the simplest method.
Make sure that the BCR's Receive Channel is set correctly. (See BCMI section 12.4.)
Since every Program Change message mentions a specific Program number (there is no way to just say "previous" or "next"), for instance preset 2's new "Previous" button would need to specify "Program 1" and preset 2's new "Next" button "Program 3", etc.

However, such a loop-back can be tricky to set up, particularly since it can lead to very nasty undesired side-effects.
So personally I would leave the BCR's native PRESET buttons alone, and put rewind/fastforward elsewhere.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Mark.  Sorry for the delayed response.  No, it was from an old forum post somewhere else.  I took your advice and decided to leave those preset buttons alone for now!  Ugh, still learning this stuff.  I don't have much of a programmer mind so this documentation is a lot to take in.