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i've been (succesfully) programing sysex on the bcr2000 to control all keys and encoders for my Yamaha A3000.

Encoders rotation work with 2 sysex lines, one if positive rotation and a second one for negative.

To expand the way I access all menues on the Yamaha Grid, I'd like to add a new sysex line that is only triggered once per knob.
That is, If a move an encoder, the 3 sysex lines are sent the first time, but if I move the same encoder again, the first sysex is not sent.
Then, if I move a different encoder, the 3 lines are sent, and if I keep using the same encoder, again the last two.

Is this possible ?

Also, there's a 125 byte limit on the custom message size.
I can only fit 3 sysex lines on that size. Is there an "alternative" to deal with that size limit ?
Just to know how much sysex I could insert..

Thank you !




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Hi Juanma,

sounds like you are pushing the edge of the BC2k's functionality.

I don't think there is a way to vary the Midi messages based on whether it was the last encoder to move (unless Mark has a 'wizard' way to do such things)

I guess you want to bring up the parameter in the A3000 screen before you edit it.

My only suggestion is that you use the eight switched encoders (with the 4 groups) and have the encoder switch select the parameter in the screen and the encoder, as it is, to change its value. Tap the top of the encoder  to bring up the parameter and turn the knob.

On your second point, the message size is limited (it's already pretty big if you ask me). You are entering the area of rewriting the firmware to do what you want.

A simpler way to expand the functionality is to place a micro-controller or even better a Raspberry Pi in between the BC and the A3000. I have done the a few times when various synths can't be handled with the BC. 


All the best


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thank you for your comment.

Yes, i thought I might be pushing it too much..
I can still figure alternatives with keys to locate different parameters on the a3000 and use 5 encoders with sysex, which btw works very good.

Thank you for your help !