Newbie- Just looking for some getting started advice

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Newbie- Just looking for some getting started advice

I'm completely new to the MIDI world.

I actually got into this so that I could edit in lightroom much faster but I really enjoy MIDI and ended up going down the rabbits hole. So I wanted to re-program presets to play with audio and I completely deleted my BCR2000 clean... No pressets have any knobs that light up or buttons as if they aren't programed for anything. 

Just wondering is there like a book, video, article series, something I should read to get started. I feel pretty overwhelmed reading through the manual on your software. I've played with it a few times and while my BCR2000 had some somethings on it for presets to start... all those setting are actually completely deleted and now I have no idea where to start. However I do know that it was fine before I started messing with it lol. Now I have a completely blank BCR2000 and I don't know how to restore what I had I tried doing it through the reset, but that didn't work. So i'm thinking I either need to create a brand new  set of presets but tbh I don't know where to start.

I just want to be able create presets so that I could use it to send things for Midi2lr... and now I want to use other presets and learn to produce with it as I am kinda falling super into this. 

I don't expect to intricate an answer, just would like a good resource for getting started so I can come back to this stuff and understand it and know how to program my BCR2000 but when I was reading through the manual, I feel like I skipped some steps since I don't know anything about MIDI to begin with and I don't understand enough going into it to get what I should out the manual.


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Hi and welcome,

You have two things to get your head around. The first is Midi and its various messages, including things like channels.

Midi is just a series of commands "play this note", "stop playing that note", "turn up the volume" etc and this stream of messages is like a musical score.

As in a score, a part could be for one player, or a section of players. In Midi these are called parts are called Channels.

The confusing thing is that although the message may be called "Note On" or "Patch Change", it is only a series computer numbers and can be treated anyway you want. I could use "Note On" to change the pen colour  of the drawing program and even "Note Off" for the background colour. That is why you are able to record and playback some music as well as change parameters in Lightroom using the same Midi messages.

Here is a good overview of the various Midi messages or the Midi Association   that has a free pdf of the Midi Standard.

You can use the unit itself to do basic Midi programming and this is covered in the manual (perhaps youTube has tutorial videos as well?). To access all that the BC's can do you need BCL.

Internally the BC2000s use a programming language that we call BCL. It is written in text so it is fairly easy to understand once you get use to it. In Mark's application, he shields you from this 'programming' by getting you to build the preset graphically and then his application writes the BCL for you.

In a small document called SecretBC.pdf, I talk about some practical aspects of the BCL.  There are some presets here as well.

What you need to do is first learn how to load and save presets to BC with Mark's editor. (there are some presets in files section here)  Then work out what you want to get the BC to do then start using Mark's editor to build it encoder by encoder.


Hope this helps