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I recenty bought a second hand behringer bcr2000 primarily for use in cubase 8 on windows PC to control soft snths.

Im having alot of difficulty trying to get it working.

Ive found some instructions on doing a factory reset and panic reset through button pressing on the unit....  but Im not sure this has deleted all the presets and changes by previous user.  Will it have? or is the best thing to use an editor - maybe like yours?

Sorry if this makes no sense - im actually really confused


Thanks for any help

Mark van den Berg
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It's quite natural to struggle setting up a BCF/BCR2000: there's the BCF/BCR itself with all its global settings and presets, then there's the DAW (Cubase in your case), probably some VST plugins... And some people aren't very familiar with MIDI, which makes things even more bewildering.

So in general I would advise you to break up the learning process into several areas.
Probably you should first learn how to configure the BCR so that it communicates properly with your computer.
Then (perhaps with the help of BC Manager - see below), you could try to familiarize yourself with the data structures of the BCR (presets etc.).
After that, it should become much easier to understand how to set up your BCR with Cubase etc.

Concerning "button pressing on the unit":
Section 23 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf (included in the BC Manager package, but also downloadable separately from contains a nice table of all the available special button functions, plus in-depth discussion of some of them.
For one thing, "Panic Reset" doesn't do anything to the BCR2000 itself.
I don't know what you mean by "Factory Reset"; as far as I know, the BCR has no such function.

Unfortunately my knowledge about Cubase is practically zero, so I can't help you with that.

What you could do to familiarize yourself with the BCR:
1. Connect the BCR to your computer via its USB cable and set its operating mode to U-1.
2. Install and (with the BCR switched on) start BC Manager. BC Manager should automatically recognize your BCR.
3. Then, in the "B-Controls" window, execute MIDI -> "Receive all data". This should retrieve all global settings and presets left on the BCR by the previous owner. If you're interested in keeping that data, you can save the data to a file.
4. After that you can experiment as much as you like. For instance, set up a particular button or encoder and make it send data back to BC Manager. Stick to "preset 0" (the temporary preset) in the beginning.

The BC Manager manual should be useful:
Sections 4-6 contain lots of tips about setting up the BCR in general and in connection with BC Manager in particular.
Section 7 is a tutorial about working with presets.
Section 32 is a FAQ section.

Hope this helps,

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hi there,

I'm new and having my own issues! I can't seem to send sysex messages to a Waldorf Blofeld via the BCF2000. I'm trying to select a different source of PWM incrementally, by pressing button 41 on the BCF.

The BCF is in USB mode 3.

In BC Manager, I double-click the lower button 1 (button 41), select "custom output",  and then record the sysex message from the Blofeld. I set the mode to "increment", set that to "+1", and set value 2 to "30" (which is virtually impossible with the mouse!).  Then in the presets window, I send the selected row. When I press the button on the BCF, there is nothing, no lights flash indicating MIDI output on the BCF, or MIDI input on the Blofeld. There is an indication in the "MIDI Input Meters" window of BC Manager, of a sysex message though.

Here is the sysex string:

a b c d e f g h i j

$F0 $3E $13 $00 $20 $00 $00 $0A $03 $F7

I find it odd the the Blofeld's ID # is 13 (which as you can see above, it records as), but the hex # for it is "0D"...? I've also tried to change the last hex to just "$val" but that didn't work either.

Are you able to see my problem? thank you for your help!



Mark van den Berg
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set value 2 to "30" (which is virtually impossible with the mouse!)
See the BC Manager manual, section 32, question 19.

From the single message you're mentioning I can't deduce the Blofeld's general SysEx format (and the Blofeld manual says nothing about it), so I can only give a few pointers at this stage:

If the Blofeld's ID is 13 decimal, it's $0D hexadecimal (not $13, which amounts to 19 decimal).

It's "val", not "$val".

And which byte have you tried to replace?
Strictly speaking, "the last hex" is $F7, but that's the End-Of-Exclusive marker (EOX), which should remain just that under all circumstances.
So the parameter value may well be the byte before that ($03 in your example). (Unless that byte is a checksum - which would make it quite a bit harder to figure out the format.)

Have you checked "Show value" on the General tab? Then the BCF should display the new value whenever you press the button.

If I understand your current setup correctly, this doesn't allow you to send the BCF's output (e.g. when you press button 41) to the Blofeld: in U-3 the output of the BCF itself only goes to the computer (hence BC Manager) via the USB cable, not to the BCF's MIDI OUT A or B.
In U-3 you may be able to set up a "thru" connection within the computer, e.g. via BC Manager. Alternatively, you can use an S mode: this will send the BCF's own output directly to MIDI OUT A or B, but of course you then lose the USB connection to the computer (and BC Manager).

Hope this helps,

Anonymous (not verified)
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Thanks for the help! I swtiched to standalone mode and at least got the midi indicator light on the Blofeld to flash, but no parameter change. I'll revist the Blofeld sysex implementation manual to see if I missed something in formatting. It's on their website as Sysex Documentation v 1.04

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I also purchased a used BCF2000 without docs and cables but under $100. After quite a bit of fussing, found this site, used the BC Utilities and manual and voila! So, you got my donation right away. We are using this for a modest size church meeting hall setup where laptop or tablet as the control surface for a Behringer XR12 just wasn't reliable enough. Hard wired MIDI connections work great, and I'll add more functions as needed over time. Now this is working (image embed didn't work)
   Basic Hybrid Digital Audio setup for Churches

Now if only I could find another BCF2000 to route outside our larger church soundroom and allow sound operator of the M32 to sit in the audience. Here again, iPad/Android tablets are OK, but just not the same as having the real faders available at a tap when needed. We have enabled the M32 AMM, and have to disable it whenever any music starts, so need the mute buttons readily available. 

Thank you very much for such a great resource!  All of us who download and use this labor of love of yours owe you more donations! 

Best, Mark S

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Trying again, the image of the Google Drawing is now here