Multiple Sysex commands on 1 button (Roland JP-8080

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Multiple Sysex commands on 1 button (Roland JP-8080


First my compliments for this piece of software and all the hard work.

I finally created time to dive into this world of SySex for controlling my JP-8080/JV-1080/JV-1010/DX-100.

The MIDI-CC part is easy to program but I'm having difficulties with programming Sysex.

BC manager learned sysex commands for controlling the LFO1_Waveform (4 in total). I put those commands in several lines under button 41 but after uploading the commands to the BCR-2000 the JP-8080 switches to only one value and not back. I tried toggle/increment (Value1:0 Value2:3 - Increment +1) but the value is stuck on the same Waveform.

For sure I'm missing something...

Here the 4 sysex-commands of the JP-8080 LFO1_waveform

$F0 $41 $10 $00 $06 $12 $01 $00 $40 $10 $00 $2F $F7

$F0 $41 $10 $00 $06 $12 $01 $00 $40 $10 $01 $2E $F7

$F0 $41 $10 $00 $06 $12 $01 $00 $40 $10 $02 $2D $F7

$F0 $41 $10 $00 $06 $12 $01 $00 $40 $10 $03 $2C $F7

So, in short...can I put those commands all under 1 button and how to do that?

I'm thinking about creating a YouTube tutorial for my website to share this kind of info.

Thanks a lot for your reply.




Mark van den Berg
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Hi Roger,

The BCR2000 outputs all messages defined for a button as a sequence whenever that button fires, which is of course not what you want.
(And since the four messages you've defined concern the same parameter, the receiving JP-8080 always ends up with the value of the fourth message.)

Instead, you should define a single message which contains the val parameter (see BC MIDI Implementation.pdf, section 14.6.1), and in which the BCR2000 calculates the checksum correctly via cks-1 6 (see BCMI section 14.6.3):
$F0 $41 $10 $00 $06 $12 $01 $00 $40 $10 val cks-1 6 $F7
I think your other parameters are correct:
Value 1 = 0
Value 2 = 3
Mode = Increment
I think this causes the button value to wrap: 0, 1, 2, 3, 0, 1, etc. (See BCMI section 15.10 for a discussion of increment mode.)
You might also want to set the Default parameter (on the General tab).

Hope this helps,

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Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply with that kind of deep information.
It's getting more and more clear to me.
I will follow your instructions and will come back to you with the results.

If all works fine I will share my final templates with you for other users.
And I'm planning to do a tutorial on my channel because that's what you deserve.



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YES!!!! It's working!
Now I can create the whole template!
Thank you so much!