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More Help Needed

Hi There,

A good while ago I posted for some help with setting up my Behringer BCR2000 to control my synths inside Cubase 8.

I was totally on the wrong track...  Mark posted some great help 

"What you could do to familiarize yourself with the BCR:
1. Connect the BCR to your computer via its USB cable and set its operating mode to U-1.
2. Install and (with the BCR switched on) start BC Manager. BC Manager should automatically recognize your BCR.
3. Then, in the "B-Controls" window, execute MIDI -> "Receive all data". This should retrieve all global settings and presets left on the BCR by the previous owner. If you're interested in keeping that data, you can save the data to a file.
4. After that you can experiment as much as you like. For instance, set up a particular button or encoder and make it send data back to BC Manager. Stick to "preset 0" (the temporary preset) in the beginning."

For various reasons i had to step away from production (its only a hobby) - but this weekend i've started again - but i'm sooo stuck.

I've followed the above --- which was a great help ---  I got to step 3.

But then i'm stuck again.  I've tried searching the internet, I've printed and tried to read the manual - it's very good and very thorough --- but i cant follow it ---- i think that says more about my ability than the manual.

Basically i cant get the BCR2000 to control anything in cubase

I cant work out how to edit the BCR2000 via BC Manager to so the rotary knobs control what i want.

Any help would be much appreciated..

I dont know why i cant work this out - sorry


Mark van den Berg
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Hi Marc,

The general advice I gave in that earlier thread still stands: break up the learning process into several areas.
You're saying that you "can't get the BCR to control anything in Cubase" and "can't work out how to edit the BCR via BC Manager...". But these are two almost completely different problems.
I would suggest that you first try to acquaint yourself with the capabilities of the BCR itself in conjunction with BC Manager: I don't know to what extent this will help in your ultimate goal of controlling Cubase via your BCR, but it won't do any harm to learn what the BCR can do in general terms and to set it up via BC Manager.

You can set up and test a BCR encoder as follows:

1. Switch on your BCR, then start BC Manager and verify that BC Manager recognizes the BCR, as indicated in the "B-Controls" window. (Since you've indicated that this is working for you now, I'm not going into details here.)

2. In BC Manager, create a definition for an encoder in preset 0:
From the "B-Controls" window, open the "Presets" window. Its title bar should say something like "BCR2000: Presets".
In the Presets window, select preset 0, i.e. make sure the selection bar is on the first row ("No." column: "0").
Then open the Encoders window, e.g. via the rightmost toolbutton. The title bar should say something like "BCR2000: Preset 0: Encoders".
In the Encoders window, select the encoder of your choice, and open its Encoder dialog box (e.g. via the "E" toolbutton). The title bar of the Encoder dialog box should say something like "BCR2000: Preset 0: Encoder 1".
In the Encoder dialog box you can set up the encoder any way you want. For instance:
On the "Standard output" tab, change Type to Control Change, then change Value 2 to 127.
On the "General" tab: tick "Show value", set Resolutions to 96 and LEDs to "1 dot".
Finally press OK.
This should return you to the "Encoders" window, where the settings you've just made should now be listed in the table.

3. Send your encoder definition from BC Manager to the BCR2000:
In the "Encoders" window, make sure the encoder definition you've just made is still selected (highlighted), then press the green Send button on the toolbar.
Watch the BCR's display: it should flash while the BCR is receiving the encoder definition data.

4. Verify that the BCR encoder is now working according to the definition you've sent to the BCR:
From BC Manager's main window, open the "MIDI input messages" window (e.g. via the 3rd toolbutton, the one with red horizontal lines).
In the "MIDI input messages" window, press the Record button.
Then turn the encoder on the BCR: the "MIDI input messages" window should now show the MIDI messages coming from the BCR.
Of course the specific MIDI messages reflect the encoder definition you've made, so this monitoring is a nice way to learn about the MIDI data format and how it's implemented in the BCR.

If you can get the above procedure to work, you're in business as far as the BCR plus BC Manager is concerned.

Hope this helps,

Knob Twiddler
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And if you worked that all out, you will be ready for Cubase.

Check devices and go to the midi devices and see if the BCR is recogniced by Cubase. Connect the midi in and out and press OK;

Now you will be able to learn functions to the knobs and buttons. To start simple, use a VST instrument with midi learn function. Learn a function to a knob and see what happens. If you feel comfortable with it, search for "generic remote control", it is a device in Cubase that enables you to connect everything with everything without midilearn. YOu will be able to make miditemplates here. You can also check the downoadsection here in the forum. If I remembered right, I uploaded a lot of Cubase presets there. 


Good luck to you. 

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@Mark van den Berg

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, and for writing such a set of simple instructions - it was just what i needed.  I followed them - and it worked.

Thank you, i'm sure it was there in the manual - i was justs struggling so much i couldnt make sense of it.

Once again - thank you

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@Knob Twiddler

Thank you for your advice ---- you may have gathered from my original post, I am not the most competent cubase user or music producer.

But your post got me thinking - I looked into Generic Remote Control on Cubase and did some reading ---  I got the BCR2000 set upon cubase through that, and then started to practice and play --- I worked out how to get the BCR2000 to control some controls on my soft sythn in Cubase ---  YAAAAY it's awesome thank you.

Another couple of silly/obvious questions (sorry for if this is not explained clearly or wrong words used)

1 - I am "telling" the BCR2000 which soft synth control I want it to control by first making sure the synth function (eg resonance) is mapped via Quick Controls in Cubase.  I am then telling the BCR2000 via the generic remote value/action to be the quick control.    This works - but i'm worried I will not be able to map all the BCR2000 encoders because there are only 8 quick control 'slots' in cubase.

Is there a better way to assign the synth function i want via the value/action in the generic remote?  Im struggling on this bit.

2. How to i re-use the Generic Remote template later -- i'm guessing after i've set it all up, i export it.  Then if i want to re-use at a later date i open the generic remote and import it.  Is that right?

Once again - thanks for your help so far --- any more help you can provide will be much appreciated -- because after my first play it looks like this could be great fun