Mopho Desktop and Bcr2000

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Mopho Desktop and Bcr2000


I connect de bcr to a mopho, the problem is when the values are greater than 127. For example the cutoff i 0-166.
in the preset windows i set all but when i must set the mode for the values i don't know which choose, I use the absolute but don't work. i must choose another mode value? 

Sometime, when i restart the bcr some controls (with the values are greater than 127) work and another not.

What i make wrong?

thanks for the helps

Mark van den Berg
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If the parameter range includes any value greater than 127, you must set the Mode parameter to "Absolute (14-bits)" in BC Manager's encoder dialog box. (In the underlying BCL format this mode is called "absolute/14".)

Hope this helps,