Mod R8 Editor Sysex für R8m possible

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Mod R8 Editor Sysex für R8m possible

Hello Mark,

is it possible to modify the relevant parts of the Software (sysex strings) for editing an R8m machine ?

Best Regards


Mark van den Berg
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Hi Mikke,

On the R-8 page at this website I state that R-8 Manager

[o]nly supports the original R-8, not the later R-8M or R-8 MK II. (For starters, the R-8M and R-8 MK II use different Model IDs in their System Exclusive formats, so they would simply ignore any System Exclusive messages sent by R-8 Manager.)

But it's not only the Model IDs that are different.
A comparison of the R-8 and R-8M's  "parameter address maps" (as specified in their Owner's Manuals) makes clear that there are many more differences.
The most prominent difference is that data addresses and sizes on the R-8 consist of 4 bytes, but those on the R-8M of 3 bytes.
Even more seriously, most of the data structures themselves are totally different too. For instance:

  • The "instrument" numbers are radically different: this is because you can only insert 1 ROM card (containing 26 instruments) into an R-8, but 3 ROM cards into an R-8M; and on the other hand, on an R-8 you can define 26 "copy" instruments, which (if I'm not mistaken) you can't on an R-8M.
  • The R-8 has 8 feel patches, the R-8M has 16 internal feel patches and 16 RAM card feel patches. And even worse: the feel patches themselves have very different structures.
  • The R-8 has "patterns", the R-8M "patches".
  • The R-8 has "songs", the R-8M hasn't.

In other words: despite its name, the R-8M isn't simply a module version of the R-8, i.e simply an R-8 without its 16 key pads. Under the hood, the R-8 and the R-8M are two very different devices.
So "modifying the relevant parts of" R-8 Manager wouldn't be feasible: creating an editor for the R-8M would basically have to be done from scratch, which would probably take many hundreds of hours.
Of course this can be done, but personally I simply don't have time for this, nor the incentive, since I don't have an R-8M and the number of people interested in such an editor would be small.

Best regards,

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Hi Mark,

thanks for your information.  That there are so much differences i had never thought. So that makes clear that only a short fix will not do the job...

THX for opening my eyes..