MIDI over Bluetooth LE on windows 10

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MIDI over Bluetooth LE on windows 10

Do you have any plans to support MIDI over BTLE in windows 10? It will be available for general use in ithe upcoming Anniversary release. the fast ring of windows insider releases has support today. It would require being compliant with the windows RTP midi protocol...

Inquiring minds......


Phil Kemp


Mark van den Berg
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Hi Phil,

No, I don't have plans for this. (In fact I haven't even used Windows 10 itself yet, and I'm not planning to in the foreseeable future.)
I don't know how difficult it would be to adapt my MIDI routines to the RTP MIDI protocol (if that's what it takes), but in my experience implementing support for a new protocol tends to take lots of time (I'm still recovering from porting my MIDI routines to OS X last year!), so I'm afraid I won't have time for this any time soon.