MIDI error message.

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MIDI error message.

I have tried bulk dumping the patch settings from my GT3 to the GT3 Manager. However on completion although it confirms it has received the data I then get an error message - 

Error: MIDI system exclusive error
Wrong model

Any ideas?

I have managed to bulk dump my patch settings to the Promethues software ok so I assume it's working ok.


Mark van den Berg
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"Wrong model" means that GT-3 Manager is receiving a MIDI System Exclusive message whose Model ID isn't the GT-3 Model ID (00 1B).
(In Roland's System Exclusive protocol, a Model ID is a sequence of bytes: it starts with zero(!) or more 00, and is terminated by one byte in the range 01-7F.)

In GT-3 Manager you can monitor all incoming MIDI messages in the "MIDI input messages" window, which can be opened from the main window's View pull-down menu: MIDI -> Input messages.
Press the Record button to start monitoring.
In the Bytes column, GT-3 messages start with F0 41 Device 00 1B 12 (Device is usually 00.)
So any non-GT-3 messages should be identifiable easily.

Hope this helps,