Make a USB powered Midi Interface from broken BCR/BCF2000

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Make a USB powered Midi Interface from broken BCR/BCF2000

Hello again!

Since I have two broken BCF2000 I just thought to make Midi interface from the MIDI/USB/EPROM/RAM Board of them. Its a compact size and the power from the USB port should easily support the whole electronics on it. I connected the USN +5V with the power lines on the connector to fader board and did some tests. 

Unfortunately something has to answer to the MIDI/USB/EPROM/RAM Board from the fader board. Otherwise the board can't be recognized by my win10 machine with BControl drivers on it. But as I connected just the fader board (the top encoder row and of course the original power supply were not connected) The board was recognized and also the second BCF2000. 

So the question: It is enough to set some lines (at the ground or at +5V) at the long connector to the fader board to get the MIDI/USB/EPROM/RAM Board works independently as a MIDI Interface? Do some one have an idea how the BCR/BCF works at the startup? Flow chart? ;) I have to reckeck but, I tried to disconnect the fader board from the MIDI/USB/EPROM/RAM Board after recognizing in Ableton in my Win10 and I guess it still worked normally then... 

Best! and looking forward for your suggestions!

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... And to do a nice 3d printed case for this interface after all work is done could be the easyiest part then... ;)

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Hey I have just bought a BCR2000, had it working for a few days and came back from being out and the PSU has gone bad. Did you ever get this working and if so what did you do to accomplish it? May look at trying to replicate it as I don't think the guy I bought it off is going to respond.


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My BCR stopped working a few years ago and it turned out to be the cheap capacitors on the power supply board.

I changed them 5 years ago and it has worked perfectly ever since.

As a disclaimer I'm saying that this is your problem however this seems to be a common problem with the BCR's capacitors, I have noticed  other related posts around other forums.

Hope this helps.