JV-1080 sysex to XV

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JV-1080 sysex to XV


I'm searching someone to import two JV-1080 sysex in a XV-5080 (or XV-3080/5050/2020) and send me those two banks in the XV sysex format.


This archive contains the two JV-1080 sysex files. It's a compilation of various presets from JV-80 and JV-1080 found on internet and built in the end of 90s.

Any help would be fantastic.

Best regards


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the XV series can load JV1080 sysex without any conversion.

Check out this SOS article - https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/roland-xv-jv-masterclass-part-1#para7

So I assume you have an XV? Perhaps you don't.

I am happy to load the files into my XV3080 and then save them as XV, but I don't use dropbox.

Email me it at INFO AT Bwalk DOT COM DOT AU all lowercase

Alll the best


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Thank you C+ for posting the question, I was looking for the same solution.

Thank you Royce for posting that link. Much appreciated.

Have a great day.