Is it possible to just get the values of a sysex preset?

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Is it possible to just get the values of a sysex preset?

I feel like just starting to realize how mighty bc manager actually is. Thank you so much for the great work.

I'm working on presets to tweak my yamaha sy77 in live performance. When I've found the right values I save them in the BCR. But when I load them in to BC Manager I'm losing all the names and colors for the encoders. I could renounce the colors, but the names are crucial to keep an overview over all these parameters.

Is there a way to load only the value that is shown under General - Value?   

Mark van den Berg
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For several reasons it would be very tricky to make BC Manager pick up only the Default parameters of the encoders from a preset definition received from the BCR, particularly for "custom" definitions using System Exclusive messages.
Note that even the BCR itself can't update an encoder's current value upon reception of a System Exclusive message in the format defined in the custom definition of that encoder.

So can't you make the BCR's "Snapshot" function part of your workflow?
See for instance question 37 in section 34 ("Frequently Asked Questions") of the BC Manager manual, and BC MIDI Implementation.pdf section 23 (in particular 23.4).
Obviously the Snapshot function needs a receiving device (e.g. a laptop), so this might not be practical in a live situation.

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Thank you for that advice. I tried the snapshot function, but it is not doing what i'm looking for.

I have another idea. When I receive a preset from the BCR I have all the default values, but without the names for the encoders. In BC Manager I have the original preset 'template' just without the actual default values. If I just could copy the 'default value' row from the received preset to the 'template' preset, it would be perfect. For a start I'll do it manually, I actually discovered the advantages of the encoder view just recently.