issue: Programming NOTE value requires CNT1 value

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issue: Programming NOTE value requires CNT1 value

I have noticed in the editor that when checking just the NOTE for a preset, the CNT1 and NOTE will be highlighted in neon green and there are CNT1/values put into the table.  My goal for the preset is to JUST send NOTE messages and not a CNT1 message.

Indeed, downloading the SysEx and monitoring midi messages reveals it will send NOTE and CNT1 on a pedal press.

However, if I then do the "Riverdance" to manually program the FCB1010, I can deactivate the CNT1.  And can confirm it no longer sends CNT1 message in the midi input monitor.

Then, if I receive the SysEx, the editor is loaded with the NOTE but it also populates the CNT1 values with CC0, val0.  

Is this a problem with the Editor or with FCB1010s SysEx implementation?  (The neon green highlighting seems to indicate it is a known issue of some sort.)

On windows 10 1903, using FCB Manager 1010 v2.1.0 (64-bit).

By the way, totally psyched you did made this SW. The older FCB editor from Mountain Systems was not working very reliably for me at all in the past.  This SW has some very nice features and except for the above anomoly has been flawless.

Mark van den Berg
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FCB1010 Manager's behavior concerning CNT 1 and NOTE is explained in its manual under "View -> Select preset" (on p. 19 in the 2.1.0 manual):

If the FCB1010's firmware (as set in the FCB1010 options dialog box) is version 2.5 and Direct Select (as set in the Global Configuration window) is disabled, the backgrounds of CNT 1 and NOTE are bright green when NOTE is enabled but CNT 1 is disabled. This indicates that the 'tap-tempo function' is active. (See section 2.6 of the official FCB1010 manual.)

So this behavior intends to reflect the behavior of the FCB1010 concerning CNT 1 and NOTE:

A preset in an FCB1010 with firmware version 2.5 uses the tap-tempo function if NOTE is on but CNT 1 is off.
And this tap-function automatically uses the Controller and Value parameters of CNT 1.
So FCB1010 Manager notifies the user of this by means of the bright green background color for both elements.

However, an FCB1010 with firmware version 2.4 does not have this tap-tempo function.
So if your FCB1010 has version 2.4, you should set "Firmware version" in the "FCB1010 options" dialog box (accessible from the main window's Options pull-down menu) to "2.4 (2.4.1B)": then CNT 1 will no longer change to bright green when you switch NOTE on.

So as far as I know there is no problem with either FCB1010 Manager or the FCB1010's SysEx implementation.