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Import Mackie Control template

Thanks for this amazing software!

I'm trying to setup the BCF to use it at cubase as a custom Mackie Control. I'm learning how to do certain things but I'm not able to make it work as I want. At the moment I can:

-Set Last fader as a "Master" chanel fader

- Fader 1 to 4 act as CC controller for programming (orchestral libraries)

Wat I would like:

-Set Encoders 1 to 4 to control audio sends

Theres any way to "import" on editor the MAckie COntrol preset to learn how is it working and customize it?


Mark van den Berg
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I'm afraid I don't really understand what you're trying to do, and what you mean by "the MAckie COntrol preset".
If you're asking whether it is possible to customize the Mackie emulation modes of the BCF, the answer is no: in these emulation modes the BCF's behavior is completely rigid, being defined totally in the BCF's firmware.
And some essential aspects of this behavior cannot be recreated in a BCF preset (as available in standard "B-Control" mode). For instance, DAWs usually try to make contact with a Mackie Control via an identity request message (see.BC MIDI Implementation.pdf, section 22.3.1). In its Mackie emulation modes the BCF sends back the correct identity reply message, but there is no way to make the BCF do so in standard B-Control mode.
However, I don't know how Cubase communicates with Mackie Controls.