How to input default values

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Albert van der Zee
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How to input default values

I recently bought myself a BCR 2000. I discovered the BC manager and was very impressed by the quality of the work performed by Mark.

Started programming an interface to my Waldorf Blofeld and discovered that most of the work is in designing the "lay out" of the BCR: which parameters do you want to use on the BCR and how do you want to control those parameters. After that setting up everything takes time but is very well support by BC-manager.

There is only one item that proved to be a challenge and that is setting up the default value. As an example I want to set up a controler with values from 0 to 127 with the default at 63. When I want to enter the default value I click and hold the knob and move the mouse to get to the desired value. As the possible values range into the 13.000 it is very difficult to select my 63. As a workarround I now first copy another controller with the desired default value and update the other settings. Is there another way to slect the default value, for instance by typing it?


Mark van den Berg
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Hi Albert,

Yes, you can enter knob values via your computer keyboard:
First select the knob whose value you want to edit, either by left-clicking on its name or via (Shift+)Tab, so that the knob is surrounded by the focus rectangle.
Then hold the Alt key (or whatever its Mac keyboard equivalent is called - I always forget...) and press Enter: a dialog box pops up in which you can type the value.

You're not the first person to complain about this, and very likely you won't be the last.
The horribly wide range (0-16383) of some of the BCF/R's parameters has given me lots of headaches over the years: how to come up with a screen element that is both transparent and easy to work with?
So far I haven't been able figure out a better solution: every alternative I've thought of turned out to have even bigger drawbacks.
See question 19 in the FAQ section (32) of BC Manager manual for an extensive discussion of this issue, including some further editing methods.
And see section 28 for a list of special keyboard and mouse operations. If you execute Help -> "Keyboard/mouse actions for knobs" from BC Manager's main window, a window opens showing the same list.

Hope this helps,