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Hosting Mountain Utilities

Advice please on using Mountain Utilities software when using a stand-alone MIDI module, such as the Yamaha Motif-Rack XS.

First, can I do this?  If so, how do I connect the FBC1010, Motif-Rack and P..C. host together.  Will they all talk to each other?

If I can't string them together, can I use my Mountain Utilities on my p.c. to set up the FCB1010 to send the correct messages without the Motif-Rack being connected?  In this case I presume that I would need to enter the correct CC codes for the Motif-Rack and hope that when I link it the codes will work.  Can you advise please?

Mark van den Berg
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The FCB1010 is a rather primitive device: configuring it via MIDI (for instance by means of FCB1010 Manager) must be done in "Global Configuration" mode, which can only be entered by holding the DOWN pedal while switching the FCB on via the POWER button. So you can't really "string the FCB together" with both FCB1010 Manager and the device that you want to control by the FCB, in the sense that you'll always need to restart the FCB whenever you want to change its setup via MIDI.

So the basic procedure is:

  1. Define a complete setup for the FCB in FCB1010 Manager.
  2. Start up the FCB in Global Configuration mode. (You may have to disconnect the MIDI cable from the FCB's MIDI IN while doing this.)
  3. Connect a MIDI cable from the computer to the FCB's MIDI IN socket. (Nowadays this is typically done via a USB-to-MIDI device. From the Motif-Rack's ower's manual I gather that it has both a USB cable and "real" MIDI sockets, but I'm not sure whether you can send data from the computer to the Motif-Rack via its USB cable and then have the Motif-Rack pass these data on to its MIDI OUT socket. If so, that would be very nice. If not, you'll need a different device to connect the computer to the FCB.)
  4. Send the FCB setup from FCB1010 Manager to the FCB.
  5. Switch the FCB to its "normal" operation mode.
  6. Connect a MIDI cable from the FCB's MIDI OUT/THRU socket to the MIDI IN socket of the Motif-Rack.
  7. Test whether pressing the FCB pedals leads to the desired changes on the Motif-Rack. If not, go back to step 1.

Clearly, the above procedure is rather clumsy, because you have to re-enter the FCB's Global Configuration mode every time you want to change anything.
So it may help to pre-test the settings you make in FCB1010 Manager directly on your Motif-Rack, by using FCB1010 Manager's "Soft FCB1010".
This requires enabling the Motif-Rack's USB device in FCB1010 Manager's "MIDI devices" dialog box (on the "Output" tab), and selecting the same device after "MIDI output device for Soft FCB1010" in the "FCB1010 options" dialog box.
Then you can set up the pedals of the Soft FCB1010 exactly as you want, and you can test your setup by pressing the "pedals" in the Soft FCB1010 window: this should send the same MIDI message(s) to your Motif-Rack that a real FCB would.
Finally, when you're satisfied, you can send the setup to your real FCB, which should then work exactly the same as the Soft FCB1010.
So the Soft FCB1010 can help you to restrict the number of times you have to update the configuration of your real FCB.

Hope this helps,