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Hopefully Small Feature Request

Would it be possible to add the ability to highlight and adjust the bar's value with the arrow keys in the midi controller on MacOS like you can on Windows?

I use one of the bars on the controller page to record MIDI files for automating lyrics to songs by incrementing the value of that bar one value at a time. Those values call the slide number in ProPresenter.

I have been using the windows version of MIDI Utilities for this because it has the ability to select the bar and use the arrow keys to change the value one step at a time with the arrow keys but it would be great to be able to do this with the Mac version.

Mark van den Berg
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In the macOS edition of MIDI Tools 2.2.2 (and all earlier versions) the value of a trackbar cannot be changed by arrow keys because the underlying library for macOS (Lazarus) mistakenly doesn't implement this behavior.
A few years ago someone reported this problem in the Lazarus forum:

I've now applied the workaround suggested in that topic to MIDI Tools and created a test build:
MIDI Tools 2.2.3 Alpha 1 for macOS
In this version all four arrow keys can be used to change the value of the currently selected trackbar.
Please let me know whether this works for you. If it does, I'll consider providing similar updates to my other three macOS applications (A-880 Manager, BC Manager and FCB1010 Manager).

Note: I haven't yet been able to fix a related problem affecting the macOS edition of MIDI Tools: clicking on a trackbar (or button) with the mouse doesn't actually select that trackbar (or button). Of course this is particularly annoying in the "MIDI controls" window, with its many trackbars: the only way you can select a trackbar is by using the Tab key multiple times.