Happy New Year

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Happy New Year


I Wish you a Happy New Year.

Keep the good work going.

Mark van den Berg
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A Happy New Year to you and everybody else as well!
Though frankly, with the ongoing pandemic, I would personally settle for a Healthy New Year smiley

Last year this website saw a noticeable increase in forum posts, particularly during the first lockdown period in many countries (roughly from March to May). Clearly many people suddenly had more time to spend on their music hobby!
So I'm not quite sure whether I should hope for as many forum posts this year...

Last year's lockdowns definitely increased the time I worked on my applications: for instance, spending many hundreds of hours, I managed to improve the user interfaces of both the macOS and the Windows editions in various ways, and I finally got round to writing manuals for all my applications (except DF).

It remains to be seen what will happen this year.
One big project I'm hoping to complete is the creation of Linux editions of my main applications.
I've also been working on several user requests, like the use of the computer keyboard to play notes in the MIDI keyboard window.
As always, the Plans page will tell you the current state of affairs.