GS10 on Windows 10?

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GS10 on Windows 10?

Hello all,

I'm the proud owner of a GS10 for many years now. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and I found out that the driver foe the GS10 doesnt work on Windows 10. Is there anybody out there who has found a way to make the GS10 work on Windows 10?

All help greatly appreciated.



Mark van den Berg
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Hi Philippe,

For various reasons I have never tried Windows 10 yet (I'm still on good old Windows 7), so I can't offer any authoritative advice.

Anyway, in my limited understanding the problem is that all the recent 64-bit editions of Windows (starting with 7 (or even Vista?)) require hardware driver signing:
What's more, Microsoft's rules for driver signing have become more and more strict:

However, this article suggests that driver signing can still be circumvented in Windows 10 64-bit:
But I have no idea whether this will work for the "old" GS-10 driver.

Then again, the "old" GS-10 driver might not work even on the 32-bit edition of Windows 10, due to some other reason.
Which edition of Windows 10 are you using?


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Hi Mark,

thanks for getting back to me, with your help and a bit of further searching, I found a way to get it to work. Like you said, you have to disable the driver signing thingee. However, then Windows comes back saying the driver is no good anyway. With a bit of further searching, I found a way to get a GT-10 to work( However, I don't have a GT10, but a GS10... but with a bit of trial and error, I got the thing to work! For those interested, here's how:

Download the latest (Windows 7) drivers from the Roland / Boss website

Unzip file

In the "Files" directory, locate RDIF1030.INF and open this file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad).

Replace the following line (I think it's line 38)



and then replace the following line (I think it's line 47)




That did the trick for me. I did this a while back, but forgot how to do it. So I suggest to anybody trying this: make notes or create a bookmark so you can find the information back!


Hppe this helps.


Mark van den Berg
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Amazing that the "incompatibility" can be overcome by simply raising the version number.
Thanks very much for sharing this solution!


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Hi guys.
Apologies for not speaking English correctly.
Thank you for creating this website and by his advices, thus have been able to make work my GS-10 in Windows 10.
Kind regards.

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This is a simuilar topic for another Roland family - Edirol.  Might help others coming this way.