GS-10 Manager 2.3.0 for Windows available now

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Mark van den Berg
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GS-10 Manager 2.3.0 for Windows available now

As announced in this newsletter, GS-10 Manager 2.3.0 for Windows can now be downloaded from the GS-10 Manager page at this site.

It's been more than four years since the previous version (2.2.2) came out, so it was about time GS-10 Manager received a brush-up!

For instance, when GS-10 Manager 2.2.2 was released in 2013, didn't even exist yet, so 2.2.2's links and update mechanism still referred to my old website, which basically consisted of just a few html pages at my ISP...
Naturally, the new version does refer to Even better, it makes use of my new update mechanism, which allows you to specify in which update types you are interested: alpha (development) versions, (‘public’) beta versions, release candidates and release versions.

A significant new feature of GS-10 Manager itself is that it facilitates maintaining multiple application setups (such as window positions and the enabled/disabled states of MIDI devices).

Another novelty: on a 64-bit Windows system, the installer now automatically installs a 64-bit edition of the application.
And there are portable 32- and 64-bit editions, which you can run directly without installation.

Please report any problem as a new topic in this forum.